August 24, 2016


bjj black belt grading 9-26-14Face the Academy as though it were an extension of your home and family. If you wish to become a great champion down the road, model yourself on those around you! Always be receptive to criticism or a tough lesson, as those are the tools that will help you build character as a person and fighter. Toss your ego out the window and understand early that the art of accepting momentary defeat is vital in staying healthy throughout your learning. “To tap” is a way of exercising this. Surround yourself with good influences and your family, train hard and forget the limits imposed by others. Don’t be selfish and open your heart to those you love. We are committed to building and developing our students to become the best they can possibly be. As you train to become a Black Belt Champion, you will experience progress, growth and change in the dojo and in many areas of your life. Many students have reported to us that the increased level of physical fitness and the confidence they’ve gained through their Martial Arts experience has allowed them to perform better at work, in school and at home. You will find that our staff and Instructors will be a very positive influence in your life